I. Culling

  • Blurry & out of focus
  • Identical duplicates
  • Eyes closed
  • Completely unflattering images (if requested)

Standalone Culling:

$.10 per image

Add-on Culling:

$.06 per image

*Total cost is based on the starting number of images, not the number of images left after culling*

I. Basic Lightroom

  • Basic panel adjustments
  • Exposure
  • White balance
  • Color adjustments
  • ETC.
  • Cropping and straightening
  • Applying presets
  • Sharpening | noise eeduction
  • Subject & sky masking
  • Lens correction
  • Basic blemish removal (without needing photoshop)
  • Skin smoothing

$1.00/image | 0-50 images

$75 Flat Rate | 50-100 images

$125 Flat Rate | 100-200 images

$0.50/image | 200+ images

I. Photoshop Retouch

  • Object removal
  • Face swap
  • Background extension
  • Extensive blemish removal

*Inquire for other requests*

$5/image | 0-10 images

$4/image | 11-25 images

$3/image | 26+ images


Topaz AI: Sharpening, Noise Reduction & Quality Enhancement

Rush Services

Wedding Gallery Services

Tara Oliver


"Cassie holds an absolutely phenomenal talent when it comes to post production work. To say she can work miracles would probably be a pretty darn accurate statement! She has saved the day for me on several occasions - needing object removal, rearrangements of groups of people, clarity brought to out of focus images... you name it. She is also incredibly thorough with her work, usually giving a few different examples that are possible with a single edit, so the photographer can choose which option they think would suit their needs the best. Cassie is prompt, efficient, hardworking, and will quite honestly bend over backwards to make sure you are happy with your end result. She is incredibly patient, kind, and really wants to provide her very best to every image she touches, and it shows in your work experience with her. I truly cannot recommend her services enough & will continue to use her for as long as I am a professional photographer!"