Meet the photographer...

Photo credit: Momoiro Photography - Panama City, FL Photographer

Hi everyone, my name is Cassie Perkins.

As a mother to three beautiful children, I understand the importance of those first years. If you ever get a chance to ask any of our friends and family they will tell you that I always have my phone out and am a little bit crazy when it comes to taking photos. HOWEVER, they will also tell you that I capture such intimate moments they didn't even know happened. This gives me so much joy knowing I am able to give them something they otherwise wouldn't have. ​

My passion for photography started back in 2010. I was freshly out of high school and trying to find my purpose in life. I met an amazing mentor and worked second shooting and taking portraits for friends, family and neighbors for the next 4 years until I was forced to become a single mom. Although the best thing for me was to focus on being the best mom to my babies, the desire to continue my dream one day never died.  

With the support of my amazing husband, I officially relaunched in 2019 right before the pandemic swept the nation. Throughout 2020, many families were effected mentally and financially and my heart hurts for everyone who has been touched by this virus. You will notice that I run many specials and am priced so that each family can still afford those precious photos. With camera in hand and a fire burning inside, I can't wait to go on this awesome journey with you!  

I look forward to getting to know you and your family and hope to bring some light into 2024.



Cassie Perkins - Main Photographer


Cassie is absolutely incredible. She is so patient with children and takes time to make them feel comfortable. Her style of photography is in her name - “candid”. I have never been so pleased with photographs and as I am looking through my gallery again I know that in years from now when my toddler is grown I will be able to look back and see these utterly happy, beautiful moments Cassie captured. She has a client in me for as long as she’s in business!!

Wolford Family