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Fort Mill baby photographer

Milestone Session


Tummy | Sitter | Milk/Fruit Bath

- Up to a 30 minute session
- Studio or Outdoor
- Access to studio outfits/props
- Soft proof viewing gallery
- 10 Professionally edited images

Simple Cake Smash Session


- Up to a 45 minute session
- Access to studio outfits/props
- Simple balloon/greenery garland, white backdrop or in stock backdrop
- Soft proof viewing gallery
- 15 Professionally edited images

Custom Cake Smash Session


- Up to a 60 minute session
- Access to studio outfits/props
- Portrait setup & a customCustom setup
- Simple 7in vanilla naked cake
- Soft proof viewing gallery
- 20 Professionally edited images


I. When is the best time to schedule a cake smash?

The best time to schedule a cake smash session is around when your baby is 10.5-11 months old. This timing ensures that we can capture delightful photos in time for the birthday celebration. At this age, babies typically haven't started walking yet, making the session more manageable and allowing us to create adorable memories with the cake smash experience.

III. Do I need to bring anything?

For your cake smash session, please bring a cake unless you've booked my luxe package, which includes a cake. Additionally, consider bringing a change of clothes for both yourself and your baby. While I provide outfits for the little ones, having extra clothing ensures you're prepared for any spontaneous moments during the session. This way, we can capture the joy of the cake smash while keeping everyone comfortable and ready for memorable photos.

V. May I invite my family members to the session?

Certainly! While I would love to have your family members join the session, please keep in mind that my studio space is limited, and it's best to accommodate a maximum of 2 adults. This ensures a comfortable and focused environment during the session while still allowing your loved ones to be a part of the experience. If you have any specific concerns or requests, feel free to discuss them with me, and we can work together to create the best possible setting for your session.

II. Where will we take our photos?

The cake smash sessions can take place either in my home studio located in Fort Mill or, if preferred, we can arrange a setup outdoors for a unique and personalized experience. The choice of location depends on your preferences and the desired atmosphere for the photoshoot. Both options offer opportunities for capturing memorable moments during the cake smash session.

IV. Do you include parent or sibling shots?

Parent or sibling shots are not included in the standard package. However, you have the option to add them on for an additional fee. This allows for customization based on your preferences, and if you wish to include parents or siblings in the session, we can arrange for it with the specified add-on.

VI. What if my child is sick?

Ensuring the well-being of your child is crucial for a joyful session! Kindly inform me within 24 hours of your scheduled session if your child is unwell, experiencing a runny nose, or a cough. This will allow us to reschedule the photo session promptly. As I closely engage with newborns and other children, it's essential to be extra cautious in safeguarding the health of all my clients. Additionally, please refrain from scheduling any doctor appointments within 48 hours of the session to minimize potential exposure. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in creating a healthy and positive environment for everyone.