OMG, you are going to be welcoming a sweet baby to your family! What better way to remember this monumental time in your life than with a maternity session. Whether this is your first baby, or you are adding another sweet member to your family, a maternity session allows you the opportunity to capture the emotions and love that you are feeling with your beautiful family in the final months of your pregnancy. 

This guide will help prepare you for a smooth and enjoyable session that you will cherish forever. PLEASE take the time to read all the way through this guide not only today but also a day or two before your session. The more prepared you are, the better your session will go! As a candid photographer I will use prompts that will allow us to capture genuine smiles. When it comes to bringing other little ones with you, I want to capture them in a way that showcases who they are so with that, DO NOT STRESS... Parents, kids will be kids and that doesn't change when you book a photography session. The number one thing I can say is if you are stressed, your kids will be more stressed. I have three kids of my own (11,10 and 2) so I can totally handle the tantrums and craziness. In fact, you will probably think I am a little crazy myself when you see what I am willing to do for some smiles and laughs. Regardless, let me handle the kids and you just love on your family through whatever it may bring!

So let’s get to it!


First, remember that if you are comfortable and you look good you will feel good as well! If you put something on and you do not feel like your best self TAKE IT OFF! Do not force yourself into an outfit just because it looks good on the Mannequin, if you are having doubts about how it looks on you just put it back. This goes back to look good feel good and being comfortable and confident in your clothing will come through in your photos so spend time and choose the right options for you. Start with YOUR outfit first and then work the rest of the family in with coordinating colors. I recommend bringing a casual outfit and a more dramatic gown with you. We can start with the casual while doing the family photos and then pop you into your more dramatic gown to focus on you and your baby belly.

Some clothing items that are perfect for maternity sessions:

  • Maternity Gowns - I HIGHLY recommend Baltic Born and Pink Blush Maternity . Amazon also has some great maternity options. If you would like more of a dramatic dress you can look at renting one from Bella Bello Bump .
  • Jeans/Leggings and a tunic
  • Solid colors or simple floral patterns are recommended


  • Because we do a lot of shots that highlight your belly, I only discourage you from wearing baggy/really loose fitting tops or dresses. We want to show off that bump, not hide it!
  • Stripes can be unflattering
  • Make sure your partner isn't wearing anything too busy or bulk so the focus can be on you! Jeans and a nice solid button down are typical "dad attire" and work great!

Don’t be afraid to choose color vs. neutral creams/tans/whites, but I advise against bright greens, yellows, and oranges, as they tend to cast color on skin. Pinks, blues, pastel greens or yellows, burnt oranges, burgundy, etc. are all lovely choices. I’m including a link to my Pinterest board for some clothing inspiration.


Lastly, please pay attention to how your undergarments are seen through your clothing. Sometimes tight maternity dresses can show panty and bra lines. Any need for extensive retouching of these lines will be subject to additional fees.


Maternity sessions usually don't happen every year so take this time to make yourself feel your absolute best!!! If you do your own makeup, please make sure that it matches your natural skin tone. Also, do not put on too much makeup to cover up blemishes. It is usually easier to correct a blemish in editing than to correct too much makeup. While focusing on your hair and makeup, don't forget your nails. Because your precious bump is the center of attention your hands in the bump photos will be the center of attention. Take some time to do your nails or treat yourself to a mani/pedi


You will receive a SOFT PROOFING GALLERY emailed to you roughly 7 days after your session. The soft proofing gallery will be a gallery of basic edited images and are not the final product. Once you receive your soft proofing gallery you will be able to go through and select the images that come with the package you booked! You will also have the ability to purchase additional images and products if you would like to. Payment is due, in full, before your session!


Below are some of my favorite locations for maternity sessions. If you have a different or private location, please let us know. We love exploring new places to shoot! If you have a location idea in mind please don't hesitate to let me know your vision and I can scout the perfect place.

  • Glen Cairn Gardens, Rock Hill - BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS | BRIDGES | OPEN AREAS
  • Anne Springs (Lake Haigler), Fort Mill - FIELDS | BRIDGE | PATHS | LAKE
  • Andrew Jackson State Park, Fort Mill - TALL GRASS | WOODS | LAKE
  • Fisher Farms, Davidson - HUGE FIELD | TALL GRASS (travel fee of $20 applies)

I am also always down for an adventure shoot as well! (Waterfall, mountains, beach)

Note: In case of inclement weather during your scheduled outdoor shoot, you may choose to use your home as a rain plan to reschedule.

Glen Cairn Gardens, Rock Hill

Dairy Barn, Fort Mill *Additional Fees*

Anne Springs, Fort Mill *Additional Fees*

Anne Springs, Fort Mill *Additional Fees*

Andrew Jackson State Park - Indian Land

Andrew Jackson State Park - Indian Land

Glen Cairn Gardens, Rock Hill

Fisher Farm, Davidson

In Studio, Fort Mill


This time is going to fly by quickly, take a second and breathe everything in....

I am so honored to be able to capture these special moments for your family and I am here for YOU every step of the way. Whether you need help with picking outfits and want to send me a bunch of options or if you just need someone to vent to, please do not hesitate to message me if you need anything!

Cassie Perkins



TEXT: 803-526-4191